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Member Since: 10-23-2006
Last Visted: 07-06-2013
Post Count: 697
GFX Skill: Novice
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthday: August 27, 1991
Location: Oregon, USA
Social Actions
Classed SUBUNAME Novice.07:06pm 07-01-2013
Replied to mpphan in forum League Classification.06:53am 06-12-2013
Submitted a Signature class request.10:25am 06-07-2013
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        Last 5 Point Actions:
        Recieved 53 NSL Points for logging in on 7 day(s). (+53 NSL Points) 01:05pm 07-06-2013
        Recieved 53 NSL Points for logging in on 6 day(s). (+53 NSL Points) 11:57am 06-11-2013
        Recieved 238 NSL Points for logging in on 5 day(s). (+238 NSL Points) 09:12am 06-10-2013
        Recieved 42 NSL Points for logging in on 4 day(s). (+42 NSL Points) 10:10am 06-09-2013
        Recieved 32 NSL Points for logging in on 3 day(s). (+32 NSL Points) 10:32am 06-08-2013
        Last 5 Battles:
        Moderate FreeStyle: mpphan VS r1nk LOST - 07:06am 01-13-2010
        Moderate FreeStyle: mpphan VS Light DN WON - 09:29am 11-28-2008
        Moderate FreeStyle: mpphan VS cM.Godly LOST - 04:19pm 11-28-2008
        Moderate FreeStyle: mpphan VS antonym LOST - 09:06pm 11-11-2008
        Moderate FreeStyle: mpphan VS .R-M LOST - 12:46pm 10-15-2008
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